If you are thick. Warning. This blog is intended to be pornographic and so offensive to most people. It relies upon a disgusting combination of racism & misogyny. Like it or go away

Girls with bodies built for large black cock are clearly made to be owned by as many big black Monsters as possible. There are lots of Monsters. Some are human and black, most are alien and come in all sorts of colours, usually green and blue for some reason

All monsters want fertile natural females. They want to fill them with monster seed and knock them up with lots of babies

Their boyfriends know this and make sure their girlfriends are made Available. Of course they get to watch it all. It is only fair and natural


    Nigger knocking up another blonde

    Nigger knocking up another blonde

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Parasite Lust VIfrom the game Parasite in Cityhttp://pixelfactory.blog.fc2.com/


    Parasite Lust VI
    from the game Parasite in City

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    Breeding Presents

    Breeding Presents

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